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At OnoVation, we believe everyone can and should be an entrepreneur. In today’s workplace, if one does not possess the entrepreneurship tool kit, they will be left behind.

Employers expect their employees to question the business on a daily basis. Toidentify gaps and opportunities, develop a plan, recruit other team members to the idea, and be able to articulate a change and its implications to management.

This is entrepreneurship. And it uses the same toolkit required to start a new business or a new startup or social venture.

Yair Sakov

Chairman, Entrepreneurship Center

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Sapir Lifshitz

Cordinatior, Entrepreneurship Center

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DR. Gil Avnimelech

Founder and Director

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2300 W Arbutus Dr Citrus Springs, FL 34434, USA

793-891-7938, 952-775-6021

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